Monday, October 01, 2007

A Little Bit of Ironwood Architecture

A few weekends ago, I visited Ironwood with my roommate and suitemates. It was the first time I've been to that part of the state, and I can assure you, it's absolutely beautiful. On the way there, the fall colors were at their peak (though they have not gotten there yet here in Marquette) and the trees were simply gorgeous. The main reason I wanted to go to Ironwood was to photograph the historic Ironwood Theatre -- the very last Michigan theater left for me to see! There were other architectural treats to be seen, as well.

Luther L. Wright High School

The Luther L. Wright High School, built in 1924.

Luther L. Wright High School

The high school has some fantastic exterior details surrounding its front door and windows! Of course, my friends thought I was an ├╝ber-geek, photographing the building, but... Really, if my high school had looked this awesome, it would have made the experience that much better.

Luther L. Wright High School

A detail on the terra cotta embellishments that surround the school's main entrance.

Now, moving on to Ironwood's beautiful main-street cinema:

Ironwood Theatre -- FINALLY DONE!

Here's the Ironwood Theatre, the last on my list of historic movie theaters to photograph! It was well worth the wait, the 3.5-hour drive, and the pouring rain along the way. I couldn't get inside the theater, unfortunately, but I hear it carries a classical theme with murals that depict gryphons and other mythical creatures.

According to, the Ironwood Theatre was built in 1928, designed as a silent movie and vaudeville palace. The architect was Albert Nelson, and the cost of the building was $160,000.

Ironwood Theatre detail

Gryphons atop a side door on the Ironwood Theatre.

Ironwood Theatre Griffon

Gryphons adorn the theater's marquee, as well.

Ironwood Theatre Marquee

Lastly, the Ironwood Theatre's marquee, lit up for a night performance! It was wonderful to see the neon and the light bulbs flashing.

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