Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bank of Lansing

Yesterday, we were in Lansing -- to see Stephanie's artwork displayed in the office building of the Michigan House of Representatives. Bravo, Steph!

One of the more notable buildings downtown is the Bank of Lansing. Now Comerica Bank, it was completed in 1931. It's a 15-story limestone structure, decorated in a fanciful and exotic art deco style. A pair of elephants guard the main entrance, while both animals and symbolism of local significance adorn the fa├žade.


Prairie Dog(?)


And, just in case... it's a fallout shelter too!

Gargoyle/Fallout Shelter

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back, with Grand Rapids

Hi everyone! I thought it might be a good time to start bringing this blog back from the ashes, so to speak. I feel my photography of architecture got a little stagnant after spending so much time in Marquette (and Ann Arbor)... now that I've graduated from Northern Michigan University, I find myself back in Ann Arbor. I haven't traveled much since arriving here in mid-August, but this past Saturday, we did take a trip to Grand Rapids, for Art Prize. Though the main focus of our downtown wanderings was the art on display, I couldn't help but notice the architecture...


This fine griffons detail was on a large building that I sadly did not get the name of. Located on a corner and made of brick, it appeared to have a good deal of Richardsonian Romanesque influences; if anyone knows the name and history of this building, let me know in the comments. On the other side of the intersection was this interesting piece of architecture, the Waldron Building:

Though the two large gargoyles on the right side of the roof appear to be a more recent addition, there was some wonderful original ornamentation on the building, especially around its central oval window:

Waldron Building

More griffons! I couldn't find much about this beautiful structure -- any information would be great.

Lastly, on our way back to the parking garage, we took a shortcut through an alleyway -- and I saw a great contrast between architecture old and new.