Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Windows and Such

Masonic Hall, Homer

Second Empire-styled buildings in downtown Three Rivers

Simple case moldings, 1877, Three Rivers

Fancy case molding, Kalamazoo

Bud's Restaurant, 1873, Mendon

I apologize for the extended hiatus; life and college and such have been complicated for me for the past few months. Updates will probably be slow until I am out of school for the semester, but when spring comes, believe me, I will be out photographing everywhere.

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Joe Graber said...


I appreciate your downtown Three Rivers pictures. We chose to live in an upstairs apartment downtown because of the beautiful architecture and the wonderfully historic building. Our apartment has huge ceilings, massive windows, and extends complete front to back.

Anyway, I should also note that my great grandfather, Isaac Null, built many of the buildings downtown.

Joe Graber