Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Different Fates

Didn't explore the Law Quad this time, but there have been some recent developments in the way of Ann Arbor's threatened historic buildings.

St. Nicholas

Back of Greek Orthodox Church

Ann Arbor's old St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, long threatened to be torn down and developed for other uses, has been saved.


Frieze Building

Meanwhile, the Frieze Building still sits, sadly awaiting its demise. It is scheduled to be torn down this summer to make way for new University of Michigan dormitories. The design, however, incorporates a part of the Frieze Building's fa├žade and the result is actually quite appealing.

Tonight I have read that the historic 1920s-era Anberay Apartments, located on East University, have been bought by a developer from Chicago. The company would demolish the once-protected apartment buildings to make way for a ten-story, $20 million apartment building. If this project is passed by the city, Ann Arbor will lose one of the last things that makes it truly unique.


ronin1516 said...

I lived in the QAnberay Apartments when I was an undergrad a=t U-M. We called it "Melrose Place" becasue of the close community that had formed b y the residents, and the number of affairs, and the drama that seemed to be going on at all times. However, the building was in rather poor shape even then ( mid-'90s), and the property owners did no maintenance or repairs, which has resulted in the almost condemned status. it will be sad to see that building go.

Mark said...

You can see an article about the apartments here:

motorfamilymotorcityman said...

Hey Marjorie

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Michigan blogs - great work; nice photos! Question : What camera are you using?

I am wildly attracted to old buildings - and living near Detroit, there are an abundance. it's just a real shame that many of them are derelict and dangerous; I have plans to spend a day snapping what I can, so take a look at my blog soon - (or even now!)

keep it going!


Anonymous said...

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Sebastian Arenram said...

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Sebastian Arenram

Anonymous said...

In Three Rivers, MI, the Riviera Theater downtown is almost finished being renovated. Upwards of $2 million have been spent and the place is AMAZING on the inside. AMAZING...