Thursday, October 05, 2006

Capital Ornamentation

Yesterday, one of Marquette's local book stores (the wonderful Snowbound Books) was having an art book sale as a fundraiser for Art and Design students. They had a great selection (from Pablo Picasso to Frank Lloyd Wright) with low prices, and it was refreshing to see fellow art students swarming the display tables. Feeling like it was about time to buy myself a gift, I purchased William L. Price: Arts and Crafts to Modern Design by George E. Thomas and 20th Century American Architecture, A Traveler's Guide to 220 Key Buildings by Sydney LeBlanc.

And now, for today's post: a smattering of various decorative elements on columns and pillars.

Cathedral Detail

St. Peter's Cathedral, Marquette

Ionia County Courthouse -- Detail II

Ionia County Courthouse, Ionia

Savings Bank Detail IV

Savings Bank, Port Huron


Starkweather Memorial Chapel, Ypsilanti


Slinbo said...


I thank you for uploading these fine photographs onto the Internet. I for one have enjoyed viewing them very much.

Please post more of the same.


Mark said...

a really capital idea, Mo!

Anonymous said...
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