Sunday, November 12, 2006

St. Peter's Cathedral

Marquette is home to the beautiful and historic St. Peter's Cathedral. This church, with its twin domed steeples, sits upon one of the highest points in downtown Marquette and can be seen from afar. The building is lovely both inside and out, and is built from area sandstone.


The inside of the cathedral, looking toward the altar.


Looking toward the choir loft and the organ. The floor is made from beautiful tiles.

St. Peter's Cathedral

The steeples are adorned with colorful terra cotta tiling and stylized angels.

St. Peter's Cathedral

The cornerstone was laid in 1881 following a blaze that destroyed the first cathedral on the spot. A second blaze gutted the cathedral in 1935, but restoration started the following year. The domes were added to the top of the steeples at this time, hence the reason why the figures are depicted in an Art Deco style.

To read a full history of St. Peter's Cathedral, visit this site.


Anthony said...

Best entry yet! :)

Mom said...

I like this a lot - thanks for the link to the website. I am eager to see the steeples close-up with binoculars next time we are in Marquette.
I love the glow of the first photo and the reflection of the stained glass in the second.
I'm so pleased that you and Anthony have been going inside these buildings.

Anonymous said...
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